For Saudi Electricity Companies (SEC) projects, the AJEC’s performance varied from feasibility studies to project management services. AJEC's in house resources and collaboration with the foreign consultancy firms contributed towards the successful completion of large industrial and power projects.

AJEC was involved in the execution of several power plant projects within and outside the Kingdom. This includes the Extension in Thermal Power Stations.

AJEC has successfully completed work on number of 380/110/13.8kV and 230/115/69kV substation projects involving preparation of tender documents, specifications, design review, project management and construction supervision. AJEC undertook detailed design services in electrical, civil and structural engineering of several 132/110/13.8kV substations and power plants. It is AJEC’s commitment to continue to provide quality service to its customers, meeting the requirements to their satisfaction.

  • Substations
  • Power Plants
  • Power Transmission and Distribution Lines