AJEC embraces the vision of delivering modern architecture projects based on inspiring, innovation and energy efficient design. AJEC delivers efficient, high value & low cost architectural design concepts. AJEC is  committed to deliver an up parallel customer experience to both commercial & private clients through our dynamic approach to Architecture design.

AJEC has been rendering remarkable services with regards to engineering activities concern with commercial and residential buildings.

AJEC has a separate architectural division with the team of dedicated Architects and associated staff who have successfully completed several prestigious projects in the Kingdom including shopping complex, housing colonies, hospitals, schools, palaces, private villas, entertainment & amusement villages etc. enclosed a list of projects carried out by AJEC.

AJEC's diversified activities were also helpful for various companies and industries in the private sector to meet their professional requirements in providing consultancy services. AJEC has served several leading construction and engineering companies in their project execution.

AJEC has extensively provided its consultancy services for design, construction and supervision of major projects in developing Commercial Complexes, Hospitals, Schools, Mosques, Palaces, Private Villas, Housing Colonies, Industrial Buildings, Entertainment & Amusement Villages, etc.

AJEC since its inception has been associating with the major utility companies and Industries in the Kingdom.